At most sphere

A friend of mine has renovated his living room and has kindly asked to feature one of my photos above his new sofa. He went on my Flickr stream and picked an older shot taken back in 2011.

It's interesting how things have changed since then. Not only the tools I have at my disposal have evolved for the better, but I also have now a more mature eye on my work. Or maybe the word mature isn't the right one. Experienced? Refined?

So I found the photos I took that day, including his selection, and re-developed them. The sky was putting up a great show of different clouds layers and light. I enjoyed going back to that day, rediscovering the "old" shots... and myself :-)

Not new, but still blue

July was quite a rainy month for Alberta. While in Lake Louise visiting with family, we got a bit of blue sky, and these shots are the opportunistic result from it.

Download a desktop wallpaper of the coulee above from

Inception style

Inspired a few month ago by a fellow photographer named Aydın Büyüktaş who's inception like work as been widely advertised online, I decided to give it a try myself. Luckily I'm the owner of a DJI Phantom 3 UAV, which I think is a mandatory tool in order to proceed.

I didn't want to even go very far, in fact I took off right in front of my house to capture the vanishing lines of my street. It also is an incentive to brag to my neighbours about one of the creative possibilities with a UAV. Here is the result below. Though not perfect, I'm pretty happy with the result (I'm also street-famous now).