A different kind of beast

Back in October 2018, Donalda Spring Organic needed to capture video-photos of their bisons on their organic farm land. Because they are located closer to Edmonton than Calgary, they first ask for a recommendation of a shooter located in Edmonton. I was intrigued by it, and also wanted to work for an enterprise that was supporting an organic lifestyle, so I proposed to get the job done myself, throwing in the mix aerial filming too!

I met with the owners - the nicest people who also run this operation, and they kindly took me around their land so I could safely position the camera to film their livestock. I immediately fell in love with the animals, staying humble, keeping a safe distance from the herds. Even though they are shy animals by nature and would run away from me, if I ventured too close, their massive and muscular body reminded me I was on their territory.

It was fairly challenging to get the job done, trying to get as close as possible (if not behind a fence) without scaring the herd away. I timed the best shots as the sun was setting, using the warm light at the end of the day.

I am glad to have made new friends, not only with the owners, but also with these beautiful and majestic animals. I learned a few facts about raising bisons in a completely organic environment, and especially a new appreciation for a not so common animal.

Interior Design photography

For the past couple of years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alison Law, a very talented Interior Designer in Calgary. She has trusted me to document her many renovation and design projects through my camera lens, while allowing me to take a creative approach on each shot. It’s easy to work with Alison as her attention to detail, both before the shoot and after in post production, raises the quality of work.

I also helped Alison migrate her work to her new website !

Here is a sample of her work captured by lens.

At most sphere

A friend of mine has renovated his living room and has kindly asked to feature one of my photos above his new sofa. He went on my Flickr stream and picked an older shot taken back in 2011.

It's interesting how things have changed since then. Not only the tools I have at my disposal evolved for the better, but I have a more mature, refined eye on my work.

So I found the photos I took that day, including his selection, and re-developed them. The sky was putting up a great show of different clouds layers and light. I enjoyed going back to that day, rediscovering the "old" shots... and myself :-)