Hey, Google

Iā€™m very excited to show my aerial-drone filming work in this commercial for Google, with the beautiful backdrop of our Rocky Mountains, following AJ Rezac (@thewandertravels) and his #vanlife adventures.

Agency: Swift - Client: Google - Producer: Shin Campos - Director: Stefanie Soho - DP: Andreas Almkvist - Aerial Photography: Philippe Clairo
Thank you Shin!

A different kind of beast

Back in October 2018, Donalda Spring Organic needed to capture video-photos of their bisons on their organic farm land. Because they are located closer to Edmonton than Calgary, they first ask for a recommendation of a shooter located in Edmonton. I was intrigued by it, and also wanted to work for an enterprise that was supporting an organic lifestyle, so I proposed to get the job done myself, throwing in the mix aerial filming too!

I met with the owners - the nicest people who also run this operation, and they kindly took me around their land so I could safely position the camera to film their livestock. I immediately fell in love with the animals, staying humble, keeping a safe distance from the herds. Even though they are shy animals by nature and would run away from me, if I ventured too close, their massive and muscular body reminded me I was on their territory.

It was fairly challenging to get the job done, trying to get as close as possible (if not behind a fence) without scaring the herd away. I timed the best shots as the sun was setting, using the warm light at the end of the day.

I am glad to have made new friends, not only with the owners, but also with these beautiful and majestic animals. I learned a few facts about raising bisons in a completely organic environment, and especially a new appreciation for a not so common animal.