Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I have worked in the marketing industry for over 18 years. During this time I have been fortunate to work with great brands such as Nike, Rolex and Nissan among others.

Photography has been an interest of mine for a long time. At age nine in France I was already a member in a photo club where every week I had an assignment, shooting with a black and white film, that I had to bring to the school lab to develop. I'm not sure back then if I understood when and how to capture the right image, but I was definitely curious about it.

I eventually moved to Canada to start my career in multimedia. I was fortunate to work with very talented designers in the internet gold rush times. Being exposed to many facets of the marketing industry, I developed an interest in video filming/editing. But I later fell back to photography in a natural way.

The world of marketing is now very much online, with social media playing a huge part in that industry. I like to see myself as a player in that field and that I keep learning new way to promote people's work with tools such as 360 virtual photography, or simply marketing photography.

Travelling new places on Earth and sharing my views of it, is also my main hobby. And if you would like to use my work for private or commercial purpose, I'm open and happy to licensing it.




P hilippe Clairo

Philippe Clairo